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hello all

hi! thought i would you know, introduce myself and what not. i am from the "blustering metropolis" big rapids, michigan. i got my first piercing when i was 5, my ear lobes of course, my first tattoo and body piercing when i was 16. i ahve gotten all of my work done at Lighttouch Tattoo in big rapids ( if you are from the area or anywhere near it and thinking about getting a tattoo i strongly recomend it. dennis is one of the best artist i know.

i have or have had the following piercings and tattoos:

right conch 14g
right tragus 22g
monroe 16g
tongue web 16g
both nipples 14g
navel 14g
inverse nave 14g
left shoulder: tribalish pheniox with red accents
right rib: small pink star outline
left lower back: red star with black outline
right lower back: black star
right forarm: the word "trust" enclosed in a design dennis freehanded for me
right foot: interlocking green and purple star outlines (my bestfriend has this same tattoo in the same place)
left ankel: circle of three dolphins
right hipish area: shooting star

under the cut are some pics of my tattoos and piercings. i will get the pictures of all of them around and post them.


right ear

forarm tattoo

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