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Hullo all,

thought I'd introduce myself since I just joined, I'm not sure if "introductory posts" are annoying or overdone, but whatever, here it is anyway --

I'm Alison. I'm 21 and live in Dearborn. I've had all my tattoo work done by Shamrock at Liquid Chaos -- which is in Dearborn Heights(actually down the street from me). I absolutely adore him, he makes me feel so comfortable and I feel we have a great rapport, which is important to me if I'm going to sit there and let someone poke me for a couple hours ;)

Anyway, at the moment I have 5 tats -- two nautical stars on my wrists, an old school robin with a banner saying "truth", a small tattoo that says "true love never dies", and a skull with a snake winding through it. We are in the process of turning it all into one old - school sleeve on my left arm (although with new - school colors). Not sure what we're going to do with the right arm, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. ha. He also pierced my nose.

Other mods that I have are 00g stretched lobes (I know, small but I'm working my way up), and 4 other stereotypical ear piercings.

Here's a fairly recent photo, its safe for work and all that:

You can kind of see the tattoos in this photo, Sorry I don't have anything more recent, I model(eh) so that's about the only time I get a chance to have photos taken of myself. This was also before I got the skull/snake tattoo.

Anyway, I think this is where I end my post -- look forward to seeing more in this community!!!!
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