dynamic_deluge (dynamic_deluge) wrote in michigancanvas,

Prices and Artists

I am getting a full upper-back tattoo(shoulder-to-shoulder, mid-back to neck)this coming March,
and I'd like to know if anyone could give me a price range for such a tattoo.
I have yet to decide if it will be black&white, or color...so,
just a general range would be helpful from anyone who has the experience.

Also, if anyone knows of artists that are good with human figures and nature, that would help me out a lot.

Someone has posted in here numerous times about Garth Hixon, and I checked out his site, he seems like an amazing artist, but I'm not sure if he's the right artist for this piece.

I am either getting my tattoo done in Michigan or San Francisco, so artist recommendations in either area would be much appreciated.

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