lunchbox_37 (lunchbox_37) wrote in michigancanvas,

Greetings ALL!!!

I've been a member of this group for a while, but I hate to admit, I've mostly been a lurker. So today I share!!!!

Monday I was able to get inked by Donna at Etched in Skin Tattoos in Saginaw. She is married to one of my co-workers so I had to give her a shot at my skin. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!

This is one of my dogs. Her name is Mystic and she is getting to be a bit older, and I've really been wanting to get her inked before she passed on.

I am thrilled at how Donna captured Mystics personality and I HIGHLY Recommend her to ANYONE in the Mid-Michigan area!!!

*EDIT* Anyone interested in getting inked by Donna can find her at Etched in Skin Tattoos on Bay Road in Saginaw Michigan.

Drop me a line if you want the shop number
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